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your Paul Allen Green Home is truly energy efficient

Green building guidelines often vary according to the body that created them, which is why Paul Allen Green Homes consistently meets the standards of three different organizations and associations. That includes ENERGY STAR, Build Green New Mexico and the US Green Building Council.

Curious about what, exactly, each set of guidelines measures and scores? Keep reading.

ENERGY STAR Guidelines

You’ve probably seen the ENERGY STAR symbol on many of the products and appliances in your home or at the home improvement store. Those products are ENERGY STAR certified, and your home can go through the same process.

An ENERGY STAR inspection requires:

  • Properly installed and inspected insulation in floors, walls and attics to ensure even temperatures, reduced energy use and increased comfort.
  • High-performance, energy-efficient windows that use advanced technologies to keep heat in during winter, let heat out during summer and block ultraviolet light.
  • A sealed home envelope without holes or cracks and sealed duct systems to improve indoor air quality and reduce drafts.
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified products throughout the home, such as light fixtures, bulbs, fans, water heaters and appliances.

Build Green New Mexico: Emerald

Build Green New Mexico awards different levels of certification to the homes they inspect: bronze, silver, gold and emerald.

Paul Allen Green Homes consistently earns the emerald-level certification, which means your home has:

  • A HERS index in the low 40s or lower (remember: the lower your HERS score, the better).
  • An energy-efficient heating, cooling and duct system that provides even airflow throughout the home.
  • A sealed thermal enclosure and home envelope free of air leaks.
  • An approved water use efficiency and water heating efficiency level.
  • Good indoor air quality thanks to an efficient heating, cooling and duct system.

US Green Building Council: Guidelines for New Mexico

Earning a certification from the US Green Building Council for New Mexico requires a great deal of planning and care from the beginning of construction to the moment you move in. These certifications require a thorough inspection of the following factors and systems:

Sustainable sites

  • Construction activity pollution prevention
  • No invasive plants
  • Heat island reduction
  • Rainwater management
  • Nontoxic pest control

Energy efficiency

  • Energy metering
  • Efficient hot water distribution system
  • Air infiltration and envelope insulation
  • Heating and cooling distribution systems
  • Lighting and appliances

Water efficiency

  • Water metering
  • Total water use
  • Indoor water use
  • Outdoor water use

Materials and resource use

  • Certified tropical wood
  • Durability management and verification
  • Environmentally preferable products
  • Material-efficient framing

Indoor environmental quality

  • Ventilation
  • Combustion venting
  • Garage pollutant protection
  • Radon-resistant construction
  • Air filtering, compartmentalization and contaminant control
  • Balancing of heating and cooling distribution systems
  • Low-emitting products

Why Your Next Home Should Be Green Certified

When you buy a home that’s been certified by multiple green-building agencies, you can be confident that you’re getting a home that is truly energy efficient—and not by just one agency’s standards.

In addition to that added confidence, you’ll also enjoy lower homeownership costs. Homes that meet strict energy-efficiency standards can save you hundreds of dollars per year on heating, cooling, electricity use and more. Add that up over the years, and you’ll save thousands on utility bills.

Your certified green home will also give you better performance, thanks to energy-efficient improvements. You’ll notice fewer drafts and less moisture, pollution and noise thanks to a quality indoor air system and a sealed home envelope that protects against heat and cold.

Green homes are the way of the future, so you can be confident that your home’s energy efficiency increases its value and can only help when it comes time to sell.

Finally, you can be confident that you’re helping the environment by investing in an energy-efficient home. In the US, 16% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from houses nationwide. The less energy we put into our homes—and the more energy efficient they are—the more we’re doing to limit the damage to the environment.

When You Go Green, Choose Paul Allen Green Homes

We build to higher standards

Paul Allen Green Homes is a leading builder of green-certified homes in New Mexico. Our homes are not only energy efficient, but modern, professionally designed and easy on the eyes. We’ll ensure you get all the benefits of owning a green home while still enjoying the modern style and function you expect from new construction.

Where do you see yourself living in a few months? Call us today to start your green home journey.

Certified Green

Paul Allen Green Homes exceeds the top standards in energy conservation, low water use, filtered indoor air quality systems and sustainable long term listed building materials. From how it's built to what's built in it, our homes go above and beyond for health considerations, the planet and future generations to enjoy the homes unique pedigree. That's why a Paul Allen Green Home has all the independently tested green engineered documents recorded to the deed and title to insure it's set apart from all other homes in the Multiple Listing Service. 

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