Energy Savings 

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Invest in a Paul Allen Green Home

By investing in a green home, there are many long term benefits. Some of which include: lower energy bills, lower water bills, healthier air quality inside your home, and increased value of your home.

The cost to build a green home is well worth the longterm benefits. Not only are you investing in a more sustainable way of living, you’re also bettering the environment.

All our Homes are 3rd party certified

Every one of our green built homes is certified using a 3rd party ratings system that verifies energy efficiency.  These 3rd party certifiers perform multiple inspections and testing through out the home’s construction path so they can generate a Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) report that estimates the total cost to power a home for an entire year. 

Every time a single home is built by Paul Allen Green Homes, HERS reports are done by an independent and trained Energy Rater as part of the New Mexico Green Building Program. 

We proudly display each of our floor plans’ HERS reports in every one of our model homes. The HERS report will showcase the estimated cost for a family of 4 to keep a home at a year-round temperature setting of 70 degrees. 

Be sure to note the numbers in red on the HERS poster to the left. Those are the amazing annual operating costs in all areas of the green home operation. 


What is a HERS Report?

A HERs Report is similar to a miles-per-gallon rating on a car. HERS reports provide evaluations of an individual home’s energy-efficiency.

A HERS report is prepared by a trained Energy Rater and simply put, it will tell you how much a home will cost to operate. A rating index is between 1 and 100, with a lower index indicating greater efficiency.

Certified Green

Paul Allen Green Homes exceeds the top standards in energy conservation, low water use, filtered indoor air quality systems and sustainable long term listed building materials. From how it's built to what's built in it, our homes go above and beyond for health considerations, the planet and future generations to enjoy the homes unique pedigree. That's why a Paul Allen Green Home has all the independently tested green engineered documents recorded to the deed and title to insure it's set apart from all other homes in the Multiple Listing Service. 

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