As a green home builder, we’re often asked what the difference is between us and traditional home builders in Albuquerque. The answer comes down to five key components that we pay extra attention to when constructing new homes:

  • Sustainable site and location
  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Materials
  • Indoor environmental quality

Sustainable Site and Location

Choosing where to build is the start of the green home building process. Whereas traditional home builders might choose to build just anywhere, green home builders pay attention to existing infrastructure, such as roads, sewers, stormwater systems and proximity to public transit. The closer the home is to existing infrastructure, the smaller its impact on the environment.

Energy Conservation

This is the most important part of the green building process. Green home builders optimize all of their house plans for maximum energy conservation and bring in third-party verification at the end of the process to ensure the most energy efficient home. On top of installing sustainable heating and cooling systems, they also install ENERGY STAR appliances and other fixtures designed to conserve energy and save you money.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Green home builders place an emphasis on indoor environmental quality and promote the implementation of good ventilation and air circulation systems. They’ll also avoid using hazardous materials in the building process, like those found in some paints, finishes and carpets. The healthier your indoor environment, the better!

Conserving Energy and Saving You Money

Green home builders ultimately help you to save more money than traditional home builders do. Even if you pay a slight premium for products and appliances with a better energy efficiency rating, the money you save on rising energy costs usually more than makes up the difference within the first year of living in the home.

The finished product is leaps and bounds above a traditional home, with increased health, energy and water savings, a higher standard of leaving and plenty of financial benefits. The features of your green homes can even result in local real estate tax savings.

Want to learn more about the differences between green home builders and traditional home builders? Researching the many third-party verification processes green homes go through—such as HERS, LEEDS, and ENERGY STAR—can help to illuminate the details and highlight the differences.