Albuquerque is a great city that has a lot going for it! From the reasonable cost of living to the pleasant, four-season weather, you’ll find a lot to like. Whether you prefer city life or want to be out in nature, you’ve got options. The landscape is beautiful, and there’s no shortage of beautiful parks waiting to be explored.

You’ll find a variety of influences woven through our local culture, including a blend of Native American, Mexican and Spanish cultures. As a result, we celebrate a ton of yearly festivals and cultural events, including the International Balloon Fiesta, the New Mexico State Fair, and the San Felipe Fiesta hosted in Old Town every spring.

If you find Albuquerque’s charm irresistible and want to make it your home, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people and families start new lives here every year, and many are leaving their mark by building new homes that meet high energy efficiency standards.

You can be one of them!

Why Building New Is a Great Option

Building standards have made leaps and bounds in the area of energy efficiency in recent years. New homes make it easier than ever to embrace a green lifestyle in style and comfort.

While an existing home can go through expensive renovations to be brought up to modern energy-efficiency standards, some things can’t be updated or changed after construction is complete. That includes the location of the home on the lot, how close it is to existing utilities, and other factors that affect drainage and erosion.

New homes, on the other hand, can be planned and built with those things in mind. They’ll also be constructed with energy efficiency as a priority, so you won’t have to come back after the fact and pay for expensive upgrades, such as buying new appliances or installing new windows.

Energy efficiency aside, a new home is yours. It’s built to your standards and is designed to fit you and your family and maximize comfort.

What to Look for in a Green Home Builder

As you search for the perfect builder, don’t be afraid to ask questions. An experienced builder will be able to answer them all and provide more information to help you make an informed decision.

Don’t skip these questions:

  • Why does the builder build green or energy-efficient houses? This might seem like a softball question, but it can reveal a lot about the builder’s motives and how seriously they take their commitment to promoting a green lifestyle.
  • What are their designations? Are they members of any green homebuilding associations? If so, what are they? If not, why not?
  • How many green homes have they built? Your ideal builder should have experience. If they’ve never built a green home before, that’s a red flag.
  • Ask for references. Speak to one of their previous customers to see how satisfied they are with their home and the experience the builder provided.
  • Verify that their houses are certified by independent, third-party organizations. LEED and Energy Star certifications are a great place to start!

As it turns out, Albuquerque is a haven for people seeking to live a green lifestyle. If you want to join in, come have a look around! The right home builder for you could be waiting just around the corner—all you have to do is reach out and say hello!