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What Is A SEER Rating?

When you’re searching for a home that’s environmentally friendly—or seeking to update your existing home with energy-efficient heating and cooling—check the air conditioning and heating systems. These systems all have SEER ratings, which stands for Seasonal Energy...

What Is the U.S. Green Building Council?

If you’ve been reading up on environmentally friendly homes and living green, you might have run into the abbreviations USGBC and LEED and wondered what they meant. USGBC stands for the U.S. Green Building Council, which is a private 501(c)3, membership-based...

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We live in the age of DIY—if you want to learn how to do something around the house, the internet has video or article or step-by-step guide on hand to show you how to do it. This is great for people who want to make their homes more energy efficient. Several of the...

Green Home Builders vs. Traditional Home Builders

As a green home builder, we’re often asked what the difference is between us and traditional home builders in Albuquerque. The answer comes down to five key components that we pay extra attention to when constructing new homes: Sustainable site and location Water...

Certified Green

Paul Allen Green Homes exceeds the top standards in energy conservation, low water use, filtered indoor air quality systems and sustainable long term listed building materials. From how it's built to what's built in it, our homes go above and beyond for health considerations, the planet and future generations to enjoy the homes unique pedigree. That's why a Paul Allen Green Home has all the independently tested green engineered documents recorded to the deed and title to insure it's set apart from all other homes in the Multiple Listing Service. 

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