Paul Allen featured @ Respectful Revolution

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Go to link: From December 10, 2012 • Albuquerque, NM In 2011, about 240 new homes across the United States were Gold Leaf certified for energy efficiency. Over half were built in Albuquerque, NM by one man : Paul Allen. Paul came later in his career to building energy-efficient homes. Thanks to his daughters who woke him to the need to build such houses, especially in the South-Western deserts of the United States, it became his absolute passion. Paul is a man of ethic and principles...

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It’s Spring!

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It’s been a busy week- couple of months actually- here at Paul Allen. We undertook a new project- one that we are so excited about- and are finally ready to spill the beans on! We are building our first ever Emerald Certified Home! There have only been 4 houses in New Mexico that have reached this level and we are confident that our new 1852 that we are building here in our model center will reach that goal! This house will truly be a renewable energy house- with a full solar system slated to be installed in the next month this house...

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Welcome to our new website

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Welcome to our brand new website! We hope that the new site gives you a better platform on which to explore what Paul Allen and Green Building are all about. Our amazing website designer and local artist, Karl Hofmann has helped us bring our vision to light! And we are not done yet! Stay tuned for our brand new construction video which will be up in the next two weeks! Working with our local community members has been such an honor for us. We deeply look forward to connecting with other Albuquerque businesses and residents to promote local...

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