It’s Spring!

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It’s been a busy week- couple of months actually- here at Paul Allen. We undertook a new project- one that we are so excited about- and are finally ready to spill the beans on! We are building our first ever Emerald Certified Home! There have only been 4 houses in New Mexico that have reached this level and we are confident that our new 1852 that we are building here in our model center will reach that goal! This house will truly be a renewable energy house- with a full solar system slated to be installed in the next month this house won’t even have an electrical bill! As our continuing effort to constantly improve and develop our homes we hope to start increasing those total Emerald home numbers this year and hope that our efforts will help inspire others to do the same!!

In other BIG news (in case you didn’t have enough with the Emerald House), we were awarded the NAHB Research Center Green Partner of the Year award. We had a big celebration out here and were fortunate enough to be joined by Mayor Berry, many city officials, and many many friends and partners of Paul Allen. Thanks again to the wonderful show of support from everyone that attended and a special thanks to chef Tim Keegan at Tamale Loco and Van Rixel Brothers Gelato for the amazing eats!

Here is a small portion of the award release statement issued by the NAHB Research Center:

“This is the first year since the Research Center began offering certification services to the National Green Building Standard that we have presented awards to our partners in the green certification program. We have always been deeply appreciative of the early adopters who supported the Standard and saw the value in an independent, third-party certification. However, after administering the program for three years, we felt compelled to recognize the significant commitment to green certification, innovation in building science, and leadership in the residential construction industry that our program partners have displayed. We are awed by what you are achieving in the field and the market transformation that you are accomplishing in what is otherwise a laggard industry. Furthermore, you are doing this with a voluntary, market-driven program – pushing the boundaries of operating efficiencies, technology, durability, and home comfort. Going forward, we expect our Partner Awards to be an annual opportunity for us to honor builders, developers, remodelers, general contractors, verifiers, and other program supporters for their role in transforming mainstream home building. ”

We will have a new video for everyone who missed the celebration to watch in the next few weeks- but until then we hope everyone enjoys this beautiful New Mexico Spring!